A pan-European field experiment during the EP elections 2019

This research project is modelled on top of a large scale, pan-European project, called “EUANDI 2019”, in view of the European Parliamentary Elections of May 2019. EUANDI 2019 is coordinated by the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute in Florence, in close cooperation with the University of Lucerne (Profs. Joachim Blatter, Alexander H. Trechsel and Dr. Diego Garzia). It builds on a larger research experience, starting in 2009, with the pan-European “EU Profiler” project (coordinated by Prof. Alexander H. Trechsel), followed by several national research projects (in Switzerland and Italy), as well as a second pan-European project, “EUANDI” in 2014 (jointly coordinated by Prof. Alexander H. Trechsel and Dr. Diego Garzia).

The goal of EUANDI 2019 is to offer citizens of the European Union a Voting Advice Application (VAA) for the European Parliamentary Elections of May 2019. 

This pan-European online VAA will allow citizens to take a stance on 22 political statements, covering numerous policy fields. Not only will they be able to indicate their agreement or disagreement with the proposed statements, such as “The legalization of same-sex marriages is a good thing”, but also to give personal weights to these items. An algorithm then compares their positions with the positions of the most important political parties running in the EP elections, providing the users with a personalised voting advice that shows their overlap with the political offer. As in the previous editions of the tool (the 2009 EU Profiler and the 2014 euandi platforms), EUANDI 2019 will also offer its users a transnational comparison of their political stances with parties from all the EU member states competing in these elections.


National team Portugal: 

Frederico Ferreira da Silva (University of Lucerne)

Joana Ramalho (Universidade Europeia)

José Santana Pereira (CIES-IUL/ISCTE-IUL)

Tiago Silva (ICS-ULisboa)


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CIES-Iscte - Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia
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Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa (ICS/UL)
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Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies / European University Institute
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