Jovens Mediadores para a Inclusão

This project promotes the participation of children/young people with autism in activities developed by community structures, on equal terms with their pairs, through the support of “young mediators for inclusion”. This will allow a progressive transformation of community structures, which will certainly prolong the project's impact in a sustainable way once the project is over. The YMI aims to: (i) design and test in three European countries an innovative / pilot methodology to include children / youth with autism in regular community structures (sports clubs, cultural and recreational associations, activities promoted by municipalities, etc. ), on an equal basis with other children through technical follow-up (mediators for inclusion) and through evaluation and necessary adaptations; ii) training “young mediators for inclusion” (facilitating agent that promotes the inclusion in articulation with the family and contexts); iii) training technicians and other staff of all community partners, in order to ensure the full participation of children/with autism; iv) design a European guide for the inclusion of children/youth with autism. To implement this innovative project has been established a consortium which includes 4 european associations (Inovar Autismo, Autismo Burgos, Autism Europe and Diversamente Onlus), a portuguese university (ISCTE-IUL) and a partner entity specializing in new technologies (Interactive media knowledge transfer intermediate).

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CIES-Iscte - Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia
Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer Intermediakt
Inovar Autismo- Associação de Cidadania e Inclusão
Associazione Diversamente ODV
Asociación de Padres de Personas con Autismo
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