Youth Employment Skill set in Posting

The  project  encompasses ‘cooperation’,  ‘information’  and  ‘evidence’  activities concerning  posting  in  relation  with  skill  and  skill  recognition  in  the  construction sector. The action targets  mainly:  Italy, Germany, Spain  (plus  a  focus on  Autonomous Community   of  Asturias),  Portugal,  Poland,  and  Albany  with  the support  of European  Association  of  Paritarian  Institutions  (AEIP) organisation  to  reinforce dissemination  potentialities  beyond  this set of core countries. The  action  is  led  by  CNCE,  with  the  support  of  FGB,  and  involves  a  partner  in each covered  country -ISCTE-IUL  (Portugal),ULAK (Germany),Notus  (Spain), FLC  Asturias  (Spain),  ZZ  Budowlani  (Poland),  Polis  (Albania) -plus  AEIP,  as European  level  partner.The  action will  be  managed  by  CNCE  with  the  support  of  FGB.  In  addition,  for each work  package a coordinator  is indicated, assigning  AEIP  the task of leading dissemination,  and  dividing  the others between CNCE,  holding  coordination  tasks and  leading  activities  where  the  involvement   of  institutional  stakeholders  is crucial, and FGB,  managing  the more  research-oriented phases.The project aims  at improving  the understanding  of challenges  and opportunities concerning  posting  in  relation  with  skill  and  skill  recognition  in  the  construction sector,  and  at  identifying  solutions  to  remove  related  obstacles  to  fair  labour mobility  while  contributing  to a  decent work  agenda.Inparticular,  the  project answers   the   following    specific   objectives:(i) to   promote    transnational cooperation   between   stakeholders   dealing   with   posting;(ii) to   increase accessibility, transparency and quality  of information  available  to posted workers and their  employers;(iii)  to  promote  evidence  basis  on  skills  as  a  driver  for posting,  understanding  as well  related  barriers  and  opportunities.

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European Comission
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CIES-Iscte - Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia
Commissione Nazionale Casse Edili
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini
Trade Union 'Budowlani'
Urlaubs- und Lohnausgleichskasse der Bauwirtschaft Hauptabteilung Europa
Association Europeenne des Institutions de Protection Sociale Paritaires
Notus: Applied Social Research
Polis University
Fundación Laboral de la Construcción del Principado de Asturias
Informação transferida do Ciência-IUL