The role of immigrant associations in the integration process. Comparing POS and political cultures in the cities of Seville and Lisbon

Immigrant associations are assuming important roles in the integration process of the groups they represent. During the last years these roles have been mostly studied from the perspective of the institutional system of the host society. However, it has been less studied the role these associations play in relation to the political cultures of the immigrants themselves. In my PhD thesis both topics were analyzed observing the case of Latin American immigrants associations in Seville. The objective is now to observe the immigrant associational landscape of three groups in Lisbon –Brazilians, Cape Verdeans and Angolans- and to make a comparative analysis with the case of other three groups in Seville –Ecuadorians, Bolivians and Peruvians-. This project will be developed within the CIES-ISCTE and is expected to be carried out for three years.


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