The European MediaCoach Initiative

The main focus of the European Media Coach project is the improvement of media literacy levels among young people through the development of large pool of media literate professionals working with youth in schools, youth centers and in non-formal contexts like libraries and museums. Instead of attempting the development of a pilot experimentation project, the European Media Coach project proposes the scaling up of a recognized and proven innovation in the field of media literacy. more specifically, the European Media Coach project aims at the replication of a practice in the field of media literacy that has demonstrable results with qualitative and quantitative evidence of impact; that of the Dutch national media coach program. Number of years the Dutch media coach training initiative has successfully achieved the goal of improving media literacy among children, young people and parents by training youth professionals, notably, teachers, librarians, youth workers, government officials and other societal professionals and by giving them the opportunity to study the possibilities and challenges of these new media and new literacies.

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