Katrin Kotzyba
Katrin Kotzyba

Martin-Luther University

Halle-Wittenberg (MLU)


Grau Académico:

Mestre em Artes




Projeto de Investigação:
Educational - biographic orientations on students with a migrational background in exclusive secondary schools
Anne Schippling

I have been recently working as Research Associate in the project called "Distincton in the German 'Gymnasium'? Processes of creating habitus in 'exclusive' secondary schools" in the DFG funded Research Unit "Mechanisms of Elite Formation in the German Educational system" at the Centre for School and Educational Research (ZSB) of the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU). I am working on the topics of students with migration as a minority in the field of exclusive education. This was the stating point of my PhD thesis on biographical orientation of students with a migration background in exclusive secondary school. As part of the DFG-funded project, I conducted several qualitative data on pupils biography in exclusive secondary schools wich i use for my PhD Thesis. Recently I have finished a paper about identity constructions of students with a migration background in exclusive secondary schools.