Nuno de Almeida Alves
Department of Social Research Methods
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Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Research Methods Researcher at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology (ISCTE-IUL) Coordinator of the Research Group Family, Generations and Health Editor of the Portuguese Journal of Social Science Associate Editor of the Journal of Youth Studies Research Areas: Youth, Tecnology and Social Inequalities
Educational Qualifications
Licenciate in Sociologia, ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, in 1998
PhD in Sociologia, ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, in 2006
Research Groups
Knowledge Society, Competences and Communication
Recent Publications

Book chapter

Alves, Nuno de Almeida & Mata, João Trocado da (2020). Desenvolvimento, descentralização e poder local. O contributo dos indicadores estatísticos. In Descentralização e Reorganização do Estado. (pp. 23-36). Lisboa: Mundos Sociais.

Alves, Nuno de Almeida & Cairns, D. (2020). Precariousness and Multiple-Engagement Activism in Portugal. In Renato Miguel Carmo, José Alberto Vasconcelos Simões (Ed.), Protest, Youth and Precariousness: The Unfinished Fight against Austerity in Portugal. New York: Berham.

Alves, N. A. (2018). Youth transitions and generations in Portugal: examining change between baby-boomers and millenials. In Sarah Irwin and Ann Nilsen (Ed.), Transitions to adulthood through recession: youth and inequality in a European comparative perspective. (pp. 115-136). Oxon: Routledge.

Alves, Nuno de Almeida, Nico, Magda & Cairns, D. (2018). Jovens Portugueses na Europa: desigualdades de transições, de participação e de mobilidade. In Renato Miguel do Carmo, João Sebastião, Joana Azevedo, Susana da Cruz Martins e António Firmino da Costa (Ed.), Desigualdades Sociais: Portugal e a Europa. (pp. 149-164). Lisboa: Mundos Sociais.

Mihálik, Jaroslav, Garaj, Michal, Sakellariou, Alexandros, Koronaiou, Alexandra, Alexias, Giorgos, Nico, Magda...Taru, Marti (2018). Similarity and difference in conceptions of well-being among children and young people in four contrasting European countries. In Gary Pollock, Jessica Ozan, Haridhan Goswami, Gwyther Rees, Anita Stasulane (Ed.), Measuring Youth Well-being How a Pan-European Longitudinal Survey Can Improve Policy. (pp. 55-69). Cham: Springer.

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