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Brígida Riso

Telephone 217 903 933
(ext:) 795081

Research Fields
Sociology of Health and Illness
Genetics and Genomics
Citizen science (health)
Social Studies of Science
Research Group
Family, Generations and Health
Brígida Riso got her PhD in Sociology at Iscte-IUL. In her PhD research "Stored Health - The biobank in Health (re)configuration in the contemporary society" she studied the Portuguese landscape of biobanks and the social dynamics of clinical and biomedical research. She is also interested in the social implications of the development of new biotechnologies applied to human health, such as genetics technologies or gene editing, combining the perspectives of health sociology and social studies of science. She is also interested in health citizen science and citizens participation in biomedical research. Currently, she is researcher at ISAMB and invited professor at Lisbon School of Medicine (University of Lisbon). She is also project manager in H2020 ERA Chair project iSTARS - Informatics and Statistical Tools for the Advancement of the Research Success. 
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