Susana da Cruz Martins
Department of Political Science and Public Policy
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Knowledge Society, Competences and Communication

Reduzir o insucesso e o abandono escolar

Avaliação do Contributo do Portugal 2020 para a Promoção do Sucesso Educativo, Redução do Abandono Escolar Precoce e Empregabilidade dos Jovens para o Programa Operacional Capital Humano

Socioeconomic Survey of Higher Education Students in Portugal in 2017

The difference that school can make: school success in the municipality of Almada (4th and 6th year)

Social Inequalities: Portugal and Europe

Impactos da Redução do Número de Alunos/Turma

Internationalization and development of the area of Public Education Policies

40 Anos de Politicas de Ciência e Ensino Superior em Portugal

PROCLEU: Social Classes and Inequalities in Contemporary European Society

Educational Challenges in Southern Europe. Equity and efficiency in a time of crisis

Looking in to the future: effects of the crisis on the reconfiguration of income and consumption of middle class families in Portugal

A Nova Era das Desigualdades Escolares: A educação em análise pelos seus actores centrais

Study on project of “living Science” school

Educational achievement and organisational profiles. A look at external evaluation reports

Estudantes do Ensino Superior e Empréstimos com Garantia Mútua

Observatório das Desigualdades

Students and their Trajectories in Higher Education: Success and Attrition, Factors and Processes, Fostering Best Practices

Eurostudent 2005

Literacy and other Life Skills for the Knowledge Society: Profiles and Processes

Life Patterns: Profiles and Trends in Contemporary Portuguese Society.

The Modernization of Social Structures: Social Recomposition, New Values, Emerging Protagonisms

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