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Susana Santos is a Research Fellow at CIES-IUL and an invited assistant at the Department of Sociology, ISCTE-IUL. She holds a PhD from ISCTE-IUL (2012). In the present, she is working on her Post-doc project about young business lawyers in national and international large law firms, focused on studying the impacts of economic globalization on young law professionals.  Her research interests include:  the study of transnational elites and young high-skilled professional trajectories. On a broader perspective Sociology of Law, and the intersection of Sociology of Law with Sociology of Professions, Organizations and Work. At a teaching level she focuses her attention on Political Communication, more specifically the formation of public spheres in different type of contexts, like digital public forums, helping students at masters’ level to develop their research projects and dissertations. Since 2002, she is a researcher at CIES-IUL working in several research projects in the fields of Sociology of ... [ver mais]
Educational Qualifications
Licenciate in Sociologia, ISCTE-IUL, in 2002
M.Sc. in Comunicação, Cultura e Tecnologias da Informação, ISCTE-IUL, in 2007
PhD in Sociologia, ISCTE-IUL, in 2012
Free Course in Sociologia do Direito e da Economia, IISL Instituto Internacional de Sociologia Jurídica, Universidade do País Basco (UPV), in 2019
Research Fields
Sociology of Law
Research Groups
Work, Innovation and Social Structures of the Economy
Recent Publications
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