Maria Álvares
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A PhD researcher at CIES-ISCTE and a permanent collaborator at IPPS-ISCTE, Maria Álvares specialises in public education policies, with emphasis on equal opportunities issues and policies to combat school failure and dropout. She was a member of the Evaluation Team for Secondary Education Reform (2008) and was part (2008-2010) of the team of the Ministry of Education's 2nd Programme for Priority Intervention Educational Areas (TEIP). More recently (2014) she coordinated the POAT Early School Leaving: policies and practices project and participated in the international project “Educational Challenges in Southern Europe: Equity and efficiency in a time of crisis"- ECSE Project (PTDC /IVC -SOC /5079/2012). Currently is a member of the FCT/German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) "Learning to be a global citizen? Theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches". She completed her PhD in Public Policy in 2020 unanimously with distinction with the dissertation "Talking your way into change: Equal Opportunities in 30 ... [ver mais]
Educational Qualifications
Licenciate in Licenciatura em Sociologia e Planeamento, Iscte, in 2002
Post-graduation in Pós-Graduação em análise de dados para as ciências sociais, ISCTE, in 2007
Other type of qualification in Sociologia e Planeamento, ISCTE, in 2010
PhD in Políticas Públicas, ISCTE-Instituto Universitario de Lisboa - Centro de Investigacao e Estudos de Sociologia, in 2020
Research Groups
Politics and Citizenship
Recent Publications
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