Telmo Costa Clamote
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Degree in Sociology from ISCTE (2001). Master's degree in Sociology from the Faculty of Economics/University of Coimbra (2010). Collaboration in various research projects in the fields of sociology of health, science, and professions. Publications on such issues as medical and therapeutic pluralism; patient associations and activism; information sources in health, lay practices and rationales; scientific research networks; cinema and social sciences. Current PhD research on the history of the field of health in Portugal, using film as a documentary source.
Educational Qualifications
Licenciate in Licenciatura em Sociologia, ISCTE, in 2001
M.Sc. in Mestrado em Sociologia - As sociedades nacionais perante os processos de globalização, Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra, in 2010
Research Fields
Sociology of Health; Sociology of Science and Knowledge; Sociology of Professions; Cinema and Social Sciences
Research Groups
Family, Generations and Health
Recent Publications
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