Inês Espírito Santo
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WORK EXPERIENCE     March 2018 - currently Researcher Observatory for  Roma Communities (Observatório das Comunidades Ciganas) at High Commission for Migration, Lisbon, Portugal. URL: ▪  Gather and make available studies related to the theme of Roma communities; ▪  Promote the publication of studies to improve the existing knowledge on the topic of Roma communities; ▪  Promote and publicize initiatives or events, such as seminars and conferences, to promote greater knowledge of the situation of Roma communities and / or allow the formation of the key factors on this issue; ▪  Publicize several activities and the combined knowledge, through various media, for a wide availability of information; ▪  Promote cooperation and coordination between the ACM, PI and scientific and academic institutions, at national and international level; ▪  Raise awareness and deconstruct myths, representations and / or stereotypes about the Roma communities. Business or sector Public Institute Jan. 2014- Dec. 2016 Postdoctoral Researcher Emigration Observatory (Observatório da Emigração) at Centre for Research ... [ver mais]
Educational Qualifications
M.Sc. in Master degree “Société et Politiques Comparées“, Institut d’Etudes Politique – Sciences Po Paris, in 2006
PhD in Sociologia, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, in 2013
Research Fields
International migrations
Research Groups
Inequalities, Migrations and Territories
Recent Publications
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