Mara Clemente
Mara Clemente is a sociologist with teaching and research interests focused on migration and gender issues and qualitative research methods. Her fields of expertise cover human trafficking, refugees, sex work and sex tourism. Mara is currently working on a research project entitled “The Construction of Counter-Trafficking Regimes in Mediterranean Europe: Actors, Discourses and Representations”, whose main objective is to analyse anti-trafficking systems in Southern Europe (2018-2024). Through funding provided by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), she previously carried out a study on policies and practices of protection of trafficked women in Portugal (2014-2018). Mara holds a PhD in Theory and Social Research from the Sapienza University of Rome with a research on minors prostitution and sex tourism in the Dominican Republic (2010). After her PhD she worked as a researcher in academic research projects and action-research projects for different organisations in Europe and South America focusing on subjects such as integration of ... [ver mais]
Educational Qualifications
Licenciate in Scienze della Comunicazione I Communication Sciences I Ciências da Comunicação, Sapienza, Università di Roma, in 2005
PhD in Teoria e Ricerca sociale I Theory and Social Research I Teoria e Investigação social, Sapienza, Università di Roma, in 2010
Research Fields
Migration Studies, Gender Studies, Feminist Studies, Qualitative research. Human trafficking, Sex work, Prostitution of minors, Sex tourism, Refugees.
Research Groups
Inequalities, Migrations and Territories
Recent Publications
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