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Claudia de Freitas
Telephone 217903073
(ext:) 712191
Research Fields
Health policy
Public and atient involvement
Health data governance
Reproductive and genetic technologies
Migrant health
Research Group
Gender, Life Course and Health
Cláudia de Freitas is a research fellow at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology of the University Institute of Lisbon and at the  EPIUnit from the Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto. She is a Invited Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine from University of Porto and at the Faculty of Psychology from University of Seville. She participates in national and international research projects and she is a member of the Coalition for the Study of Health, Power and Diversity. Her research focuses on health policy, public and patient involvement in care and research linked to genetic and reproductive technologies, and on migration and health. She supervises the work of PhD and Master students in these and other related topics.
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