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Renato Miguel do Carmo
Department of Sociology
Office D2.22
Locker 257
Telephone 2179650336
(ext:) 221060
Research Fields
Social Inequalities
Urban and rural studies
Social capital and social cohesion
Welfare state and public policy
Employment and labor market
Research Group
Inequality, Work and Social Well-Being
Renato Miguel do Carmo is an associate professor (with habilitation) at the Department of Sociology of ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon and research fellow at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES-IUL), Portugal. He is Director of the Inequality Observatory  and participates in the scientific coordination of COLABOR. Issues such as social and spatial inequalities, welfare state, employment and labor market, public policy, mobilities and social capital have been at the core of his research projects. His  publications have appeared in Current Sociology, European Societies, Journal of Civil Society, Sociologia Ruralis, Time & Society, Sociological Research Online, Geoforum, Community Development, European Planning Studies, Journal of Labor and Society, and others. He has published 33 books (21 as editor and 12 as author or co-author), five of them published by international publishing houses (Bristol University Press, Berghahn, Palgrave, Springer, Annablume). Since obtaining PhD, he has received several scientific awards: António Dornelas Award 2022; CIES-Iscte I&D Awards 2022; awarded with the ISCTE-IUL ... [more info]
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