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Fernando José da Conceição Bessa
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Sociology of police and armed forces.
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Politics and Citizenship
National Professional Career Fernando Bessa joined the Portuguese army, in 1985, at the Centre for Special Operations, in Lamego. Between 1986 and 1988 he attended the officer course of the former Fiscal Guard and joined the permanent staff of this force where held several command/leadership and trainer positions, highlighting the role of platoon training commander; section head of physical education and sports (also responsible for the participation of the athletics teams in the military world championships) and commander of a group operating in the fiscal, customs and tax area in the Lisbon area. In 1993, he joined the National Republican Guard (Portuguese acronym GNR for Guarda Nacional Republicana) and was placed at the Training School where he held various positions, among which section head responsible for planning and coordinating all training provided within the GNR; section head of physical education and sports; the activity of trainer for tax and customs legislation and the Commander ... [more info]
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