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Helena Carvalho
Department of Social Research Methods
Office 2S06
Locker 91
Telephone 217650381
(ext:) 220122
Research Fields
Quantitative Methods for Categorical Variables
Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA)
Categorical Regression by optimal scaling (CATREG)
Multilevel Analysis
Mediation and moderation
Longitudinal models
Measurement models
Structural Equation Modelling
Generalized Linear Models
Exploratory and confirmatory factorial analyses
Research Group
Education and Science
PhD in Sociology, in Theory and Method. Full Professor in the Department of Social Research Methods at ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon. Director of School of Sociology and Public Policies. Director of the Postgraduate in Data Analysis in Social Sciences. Expert in methodological issues and quantitative data analysis. Senior researcher at the Center for the Research and Study of Sociology (CIES-ISCTE-IUL). Area of research is focused inside the quantitative and multivariate methods for categorical and quantitative variables, mainly methods of interdependence and dependence; multilevel models; longitudinal models; measurement models, mediation and moderation models; estimation with bootstrapping. She teaches several courses of multivariate statistics and advanced data analyses on Master and PhD Programs. She has coordinated research projects and she has participated in several research national and international projects, developing her skills of advanced data analysis with quantitative methods. She has published several books and several articles in Portugal and abroad.
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