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Denis Nickolayevich Zuev
Office AA3.15
Telephone 217650277
(ext:) 221227
Research Fields
Digital urbanism, new media, circumpolar societies, China-Macau, start-up ecosystems.
Research Group
Media and Culture
I am working on developing methodologies for the study of digital urbanism since 2008, and have investigated diverse online communities, hidden populations online, radical networks, computer-mediated hospitality networks and visual communications in YouTube. Since 2013 I have investigated the impacts of of digital and transport innovations in Chinese cities.I have also focused on the study of circumpolar communities, specifically tourism practices and transport infrastructure development. And collaborating with the Portuguese Polar Program and International Arctic Science Committee.I am currently working on the problematics of the digital silk road and the influence of the Chinese digital capital.Supervising PhD and MS students, as well as teaching and coordinating courses across national borders in Germany, Portugal and Macau.Regional expertise: China-Macau, Russia (Siberia), Portugal.
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