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Paula Ferreira
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Research Fields
Social Work, Labour vulnerabilities, Public Policies and social policies
Research Group
Politics and Citizenship
Paula Ferreira completed her Phd in Social Work- ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa in 2016. She is from the Universidade Lusofona de Lisboa. Has published 7 articles in specialized journals and has 7 works in event proceedings, has 3 book chapters and 5 books published. It has 46 technical production items. Participated in 4 events abroad and 40 in Portugal. She supervised 5 bachelor / bachelor's degree completion works in the area of Social Work. Received 1 award and / or honor.  Works in the areas of Social Sciences with emphasis in Sociology and Social Work. In her professional activities he interacted with 17 collaborators in co-authorship of scientific works.
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