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Ana Rita Capucha
Office 2N09E
Locker 236
Telephone 210464018
Research Fields
Sociology of education and public policies; social and educational inequality; evaluation of socio-educational projects and processes
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Education and Science
Graduated in Sociology since 2007 and Master in Sociology of Education since 2011, by the ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon, Portugal). Holds a postgraduate degree in Data Analysis for Social Sciences, also conferred by the same institution (2018). She has been a Research Assistant at CIES-IUL since 2013 and has participated in several research projects and scientific initiatives, mainly in the fields of sociology of education and public educational policies. Currentlty she is a PhD student in Sociology (ISCTE-IUL), and a PhD fellow (portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology;  project on national schools autonomy and the promotion of educational equity, within a comparative perspective).
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