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Sofia Lai Amândio
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Evaluation, Public Policies and European Funds
Socialization, Individual and Action
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Sociology of Management
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Education and Science
Sofia Lai Amândio, I'm a sociologist (Ph.D.) and researcher at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES-Iscte). In the context of my Ph.D. thesis about young managers (class origins, career paths, and skills), under the supervision of Bernard Lahire and António Firmino da Costa, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Centre Max Weber/CNRS and publish on the sociology of the French author. I was coordinator, with Pedro Abrantes and João Teixeira Lopes, of the experimental project "A Diversidade do Mundo" (CIES-IUL/IS-UP), which brings together 17 biographical narratives published in the collective book "Life Among Us. Sociology in Living Flesh."  I participated as a post-doctoral scholarship researcher in the Project "Educational Challenges in Southern Europe. Equity and Efficiency in times of crisis" (PTDC/IVC-SOC/5079/2012). I'm currently developing research on Cohesion Policy and European funds in Portugal, with an article published in Public Sciences and Policies on the institutionalization of the evaluation of ... [more info]
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