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Ana Pinto Martinho
Office C4.09
(ext:) 793061
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AI and Algorithmic Literacy
Artificial Intelligence and journalism
Data Journalism
Storytelling with data
Open data
Internet Studies
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Media and Culture
Ana Pinto Martinho is the online editor of the European Journalism Observatory (EJO) in Portuguese and is a guest lecturer at ISCTE-IUL. She is also a researcher at OberCom – Communication Observatory and a research assistant at CIES-IUL.She is linked to several European research projects such as Newsreel, CoMMPASS, IBERIFIER and Algowatch, and is part of the Portuguese team that works on the Digital News Report, at the Reuters Institute for the Sutdy of Journalism, at the University of Oxford. She participates in studies by the EJO network, such as the study on European media coverage of migration issues.Her areas of research have focused on journalism practices, media changes brought about by the internet, issues of trust in journalism, algorithmic literacy, and lately issues linked to journalism and artificial intelligenceAs a journalist she directed the iGOV project, a media outlet dedicated to the areas of public administration, Government, eGovernment, open ... [more info]
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