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Daniel Malet Calvo
Office D2.26
Telephone 217903077
(ext:) 792261
Research Fields
Urban Planning and Renewal
Migration and Transnationality
Public Space Ethnography
Youth Cultures
Heritage and Cultural Policies
Gentrification processes
Social Movements and Collective Action
Micro-sociology and human social interaction
Social control, exclusion and socio-spatial segregation
Research Group
Migration, Mobility and Ethnicity
I am an anthropologist and historian specialized on urban studies and ethnography, currently working as an assistant researcher (contracted by the FCT-CEEC Program) at the Center for Research and Studies of Sociology (Cies) of Iscte, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (Portugal). Moreover, since 2013 I am Invited Professor in the Urban Studies PhD program (Iscte-iul/FCSH-UNL) and since 2017, Invited Assistant Professor at Iscte-iul, where I teach ‘Fieldwork Methods’ and ‘Laboratory of Observational Research’. My career has centred on four different topics for the last decade: 1) International students and student migration: youth cultures, social class and lifestyle mobility; 2) Urban transformations: Nightlife gentrification, heritage, touristification and social movements; 3) Anthropology of infrastructures: daily mobility, urban planning and public space; 4) Ethnic and racial minorities: Identity and everyday resistances in urban context.
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