Research Group
Gender, Life Course and Health
Anabela Pereira has advanced training in Sociology, with a Ph.D. from the Iscte, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (2013), and is postgraduate in Data Analysis in Social Sciences from the same Institute. She was part of the research team of the Biographical Echoes Project, Triangulation in the study of life course, coordinated by Ana Caetano and co-coordinated by Magda Nico at Cies, Iscte, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. She recently completed her masters in Cognitive Science from the University of Lisbon (June 2023) and is currently Project Manager of the EU funded Project Vax-Action: tackling vaccine hesitancy in Europe (101133273), coordinated by Tiago Correira at GHMT/IHMT/NOVA. She has interested in several areas, from sociology to technology and AI, biographical research, the body and identity, artistic and cultural issues, and also for E-cognition.
Educational Qualifications
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