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Mariana Anginho Évora
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Gender, Life Course and Health
Mariana Évora has a bachelor's degree in Anthropology (2019) and a master's degree in International Studies (2022) from Iscte. She is currently Ph.D. candidate in Sociology, at the same institution.She started as a Research Assistant in 2020, in the project "FEMINA- Fertility, Migration and Acculturation" (CIES-Iscte) about experiences, expectations and sexual and reproductive health care of Portuguese and Cape Verdean families residing in Portugal, coordinated by Violeta Alarcão. At the same time, she wrote her master's dissertation "Rich and Poor in Southwest Alentejo: The effects of the agricultural production of red fruits and of immigration in the parish of São Teotónio", supervised by Maria Cristina Santinho and co-supervised by Manuel João Ramos. Since then, she has been a research assistant at the "Summer Internship in International Studies", at CEI-Iscte; collaborated at in the project "EQUALS4COVID" (CIES-Iscte and ISAMB), was a communication assistant at the Laboratory of Social Studies on Birth (, ... [more info]
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