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Daniela Santa-Marta
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Migration, Mobility and Ethnicity
Daniela Santa-Marta holds a master’s degree in Education and Society from the School of Sociology and Public Policy at ISCTE and a degree in Anthropology, from Goldsmiths College. Her master's dissertation, argued in 2023, "Education and gender socialisation of young girls in residential care: A case study at Casa Laranja", looks at the role of residential care institutions in combating gender inequalities, through the educational and intervention strategies of a residential reception centre for young people.She has been a researcher at the Research and Studies in Sociology Centre (CIES) since 2021, where she was part of the academic team of Racip, an AMIF project, that acted around refugee integration through civil society organisations, for three years. Daniela was part of the academic team for the Erasmus+ Space4us project, which aimed to promote and support the autonomy, personal development, and social integration of adolescent girls in vulnerable situations, as well as ... [more info]
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