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Reforma da Ação Humanitaria - Processos de localização e o Triplo Nexus - Desenvolvimento - Ação Humanitaria-Paz
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Democracy, Activism and Citizenship
Susana de Deus, has worked in Humanitarian Action since 1996, since then her professional career has been with international humanitarian and development organizations, such as World Vision, International Red Cross, Oxfam GB and Doctors without Borders, the latter being the one with whom she has been most continuously involved. last 10 years. The areas of action to which it was linked range from food security, water and sanitation, provision of medical care for the displaced population, refugees, victims of sexual violence and urban social exclusion. Over the last 20 years, she has been project coordinator, national coordinator and National Director of Doctors Without Borders in Brazil, where she has been more focused on the areas of operational research, international recruitment of humanitarian workers, communication and advocacy and fundraising.Shee worked in Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, Lebanon and Greece, Egypt, Poland/Ukraine.Currently, she teaches the curricular unit Project Management ... [more info]
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