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International expert on Digital Citizenship Education (Council of Europe), member of the EU Expert Group on Tackling Disinformation through education and training (European Commission), invited researcher at CIES-ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon (Media Literacy and Journalism), lecturer at Autonoma University of Lisbon (Communication Sciences), teacher trainer (Portuguese Ministry of Education), trainer of trainers (CENJOR) and professional journalist (CP1524). Concluded a degree in Education, post-graduations in ICT and in Journalism, a PhD in Education (Media Literacy), and a 6-year post-doctorate in Communication Sciences.Ongoing international projects:- IBERIFIER Plus - Iberian Digital Media Observatory (funded by European Commission, 2024-2026) - invited researcher- Redressing Radical Polarisation: Strengthening European Civil Spheres facing Illiberal Digital Media (DepolarisingEU), (funded by European Commission, 2024-28, COST Action, CA22165) - researcher- ALGOWATCH - Developing algorithm literacy for all, to fight disinformation and foster e-inclusion with quality information for knowledge-based democratic societies (funded by European Commission, 2023-2025) - national coordinator-  “Luso-American Initiative for policymakers and their staff to counter disinformation through ... [more info]
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