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Teacher in School Administration and Management Policies - ISCTE-PT (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa) and in cotutela with the Teacher in Ensino RENOEN/UFC-BR (Universidade Federal do Ceará). Master in the research line of Digital Technologies in Education - UFC Specialist in Virtual Learning Communities UECE (State University of Ceará) and Educational Management - UFC. Mediator of Institutional Partnership and Internationalization of Teaching in Education in the RENOEN-UFC and ISCTE-Lisbon Network. Member of the LDE Research Group - UFC (Educational Digital Laboratory). He held the positions of Management Manager (SME-Fortaleza), Permanent Staff Server of the Municipal Prefecture of Fortaleza, and Educational Supervisor, Coordinator and University Professor of Graduation and Specialization Courses. Areas of focus: Digital Technologies in Education, Educational Management, Public Policies and Continuing Training of Teachers and School Managers. She has published scientific articles and book chapters in education.
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