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André Freire
Department of Political Science and Public Policy
Office AA3.10
Locker 78
Telephone 217650270
(ext:) 220467
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Politics and Citizenship
André Freire is Full Professor in Political Science, and has been serving as Director of the Doctoral Programme in Political Sicence (& IR),  2015-present date, and served as Director of the Bachelor in Political Science, 2009-2015, Departament of Political Science & Public Policies - School of Sociology & Public Policies, at ISCTE-IUL (University Institute of Lisbon). He is also senior researcher at CIES-IUL (Centre for Sociological Studies and Research). He has been teaching and researching at ISCTE-IUL since 1996. Additionally, Freire has presented conferences and taught in several other national and foreign universitarian and research institutions.  He has reserched (in national and international projects) and published widely (books, book chapters, and journal articles), on several languages, about political representation, political institutions, ideology and mass’ and elite’s attitudes and behaviour. He has several studies published (nationally and internationally), in academic journals, books and book chapters, on the attitudes and behaviors of voters and political representatives, political ... [more info]
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