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Aida Valadas de Lima
Department of Sociology
Office D3.39
Locker 92
Telephone 217650430
(ext:) 220006
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Migration, Mobility and Ethnicity
Aida Valadas de Lima, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology of the Sociology and Public Policies School of Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Iscte-Iul, PhD in Sociology by that same University Institute with a dissertation on Agriculture and Rurality in Portugal: 1970-2000. She a lecturer of Iscte-Iul in the Sociology course of the Sociology and Public Policies School and in the Master Degree of Environment and Sustainability Studies of the Social and Human Sciences School. She does research on Sociology, with emphasis on Rural Sociology and Environmental Sociology. In 1992, with Professor Afonso de Barros, she carried on the institutionalization of Environmental Sociology in the syllabus of the courses of Sociology and of Sociology and Planning of ISCTE. She has been the supervisor of various Master and PhD dissertations and research projects as well a member of examination juries of candidates for those levels of University Degrees. She was for ... [more info]
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