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Higher Education
University Management
History and Sociology of Education
Social Memory
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Inequality, Work and Social Well-Being
Historian, Master in Comparative History (IFCS / UFRJ) and PhD in Social Memory (Unirio). He is a professor at the Faculty of Administration and Accounting Sciences of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (FACC / UFRJ). In university management, he held the position of General Superintendent of Student Policy (Rectory), Vice-Dean and Superintendent of the Center for Legal and Economic Sciences (CCJE). He is currently Deputy Director of FACC. Member of the Laboratory of Studies and Research in Higher Education (LEPES / Faculty of Education-UFRJ) and the Management and Innovation Program (PGI / FACC / UFRJ). Interested in studies in the fields of History, Politics and Management of Higher Education.     Curriculum - Lattes Platform - Brazil
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