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Historical Dynamics and Global Integration of the World
Diogo Paiva is currently a PhD student on Modern and Contemporary History (Iscte-IUL - Lisbon). He holds a BA in History and Archaeology (2005) and a MA in Ancient History (2012), both in NOVA University Lisbon. Since 2011, he worked as a research assistant in research projects at CHAM - NOVA University Lisbon, in different fields ranging from Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology to Historical Demography and Modern Colonial Populations, being responsible in historical database design, archival research and demographic analysis of colonial populations. From 2016 to 2019 he worked at IISH (Amsterdam) under the supervision of Kees Mandemakers as an Early-Stage Researcher in the Marie Sklodowska-Curie project LONGPOP, focusing on historical data linkage techniques and geocoding historical addresses of 19th-20th centuries Dutch and Antwerpian populations. Since 2019, he is a FCT PhD grant holder and is developing his doctoral research on Portuguese convict populations in Degredo during the ... [more info]
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