Research Fields
Rights Promotion and Children and Youths Protection
Research Group
Gender, Life Course and Health
I completed my PhD in Social Work at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, School of Sociology and Public Policy, having obtained the final classification "approved with distinction" at the public defence of the thesis (june2023). I completed a Master's degree in Social Work in 2013/09/18 at the Portuguese Catholic University, with an honourable mention; a Master's degree in Family and Systems Therapy in 2011/12/13 at the University of Seville; a postgraduate degree in Family and Community Therapy (2007-2009) at the Autonomous University of Lisbon, in partnership with the Portuguese Association of Family and Community Therapy; and a degree in Social Work in 2006/01/26 at the Portuguese Catholic University in Lisbon. For more than 14 years I worked full time in Child and Youth Protection Commissions (CPCJ), starting with Barreiro as a professional trainee, then Seixal, from October 2006 to 31 December 2010. On the latter date, I joined the staff of the ... [more info]
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