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Sandra Samina
Office B6.03
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Migration, Mobility and Ethnicity
Sandra Samina (1981-), architect enrolled at O.A. since 2010, participated in design projects, interior remodeling, housing architecture, restoration, offices and 3D modeling.Currently and since 2020, develops professional activity at "A2S - Arquitetura" and "Código3", participating in the creative process and execution of the project. Author of housing projects and director of construction supervision.Since 2017 she is a volunteer at the Open House for the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, in the orientation of visits to the public. In 2021 she participates in this event as a team tutor.Since 2018 she has been a PhD member at Iscte and her thesis intends to present and place the work of architect Alberto Cruz in the panorama of the history of Portuguese architecture. Since 2021 he is a research assistant at CIES-Iscte and is part of a multidisciplinary project on the life and work of this author.