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Inês Rocha Trindade
Office 2N09E
Research Fields
Public Policy Analysis; Environmental Governance; Climate Policy; Sustainable Lifestyles; Participatory Governance; Environmental Movements; DIY Cultures.
Research Group
Politics and Citizenship
Inês Rocha Trindade is a Research Assistant at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES-Iscte). She studies approaches governing sustainability transitions, with a particular focus on the intersection between eco-sufficiency lifestyles and environmental policy. Her research interests are public policy analysis; environmental governance; climate policy; sustainable lifestyles; participatory governance; environmental movements; and DIY cultures. Throughout her professional career, she has been engaged in public diplomacy activities to strengthen international cooperation in tackling global challenges. She is currently working on EU climate and sustainability governance under the project “European Green Deal: Governing the EU’s Transition towards Climate Neutrality and Sustainability” (GreenDeal-NET); a Jean Monnet network of 12 European partner universities that aims to promote knowledge, dialogue, and debate on the European Green Deal and the challenges of its implementation. In the past, she worked in the field of migration, both at governmental (Portuguese Consulate General in London) and intergovernmental (IOM-UN Migration) ... [more info]
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