European Researcher’s Night 2017

29 September

Location: Nacional Natural History and Science Museum, ULisboa



In the 2017 edition CIES-IUL participated in two activities: 


Showcooking "Coriander and Garam Masala"

In a partnership with the Centre for Research in Anthropology (CRIA-IUL)


In this activity we cooked a dish from Bina Achoca’s book “Coriander and Garam Masala. A Indian-Gujarati kitchen in Portugal”. The author of the recipes was present, as well as an anthropologist researcher who studied Asian consumption practices in the West. The activity aimed to bring to the public, through cooking, the relationship between researchers and privileged interlocutors in ethnographic field-work.


Researchers: Rita Ávila Cachado, Inês Lourenço e Bina Achoca 









Café Science: “Inequalities in Portugal and Europe”


A debate on the contemporary inequalities in Portugal and in the international context, taking into account the data and indicators that we have about this theme. We presented a multidimensional approach in which the resources and the sectors where the widest persistent social inequality can be found were identified. The debate had a special focus in the period from the crisis of 2008 up until today and a demonstration of its impact at the level of inequality and poverty.


Researchers: Renato Miguel do Carmo e Ana Rita Matias








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