OCJF 2020
CIES-Iscte Internship - Being a Social Scientist in Pandemic Times


CIES-Iscte Internship
Being a Social Scientist in Pandemic Times

> Dates: 31 August - 11 September 2020
> Target Audience: High School and Vocational Students
> Place: Iscte - Instituto Univeristário de Lisboa

Presentation of the Internship
The internship organized by CIES-Iscte aims to provide contact with a social sciences research centre - its spaces, protagonists, projects and methodologies - and the way they have adapted to the current pandemic crisis.

The trainees will be integrated in research teams with ongoing projects on various themes, experimenting with different techniques of data collection and processing, as well as different ways of presenting and disseminating scientific results.

It is intended that the trainees will experience the various activities inherent to research in social sciences, under the guidance of teams of researchers from the Centre.

Throughout the internship, in addition to the presentation of the Centre and the surrounding university context, the aim will be to provide a practical and diverse notion of what social science research is, as well as to demystify the image and concept of the scientist.