The Portuguese International Partnership Programs: assessing the role of scientifics networks in the knowledge society

The objective of this project is to identify and characterize the impact of the international partnership programs (IPS) on Portuguese universities. This program was created in 2006-2007 by inviting several American universities (MIT/CMU/UTA) to help develop selected universities. The lead universities were selected on the basis of their area of expertise (engineering, information technology and later medicine and business), the quality of their research, their degree of internationalization and their links with industry. Our research question is what impact did this have on 1) organizational change (including non-selected research teams) 2) curriculum innovation 3) staff development 4) student mobility 5) industry-university collaborations.

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Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT)
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CIES-Iscte - Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology
Data from Ciência-IUL