Documentation of Cora in San Juan Corapan

The community of San Juan Corapan is rightfully protective if its cultural heritage, and any perceived misuses of this. As such to guarantee that the project takes place in a respectful manner, beneficial to all parties involved, I will conduct community consultation sessions at the beginning, middle and end of the project period and to ensure that all members of the community have a chance to air their concerns and offer their participation. All community members who undertake work as consultants will be asked for consent upon establishing a working relationship. The consent form (either signed or read to the consultant and filmed) will feature the following points: The nature of the consultant’s participation in the project A request for basic metadata- age, gender, profession, and linguistic biography. A guarantee of payment, either in an hourly payment of 80 Pesos MXN, or the provision of gifts. A clear statement of my intent to establish an open access online corpus of the Cora language. The right to withdraw at any time during the documentation project. The guarantee that I will remove any compromising information (for example gossip, discussion of community disputes) from a recording, and consult with the speaker if I believe a recording to contain this. A guarantee of group and individual consultation on the materials to be featured in the archive. This consultation will be continual, following each session. The group consultation will take into account the views of the wider community on the kind of materials that can and should be shared. I will also adhere to ethical requirements of my host institution, CIES-IUL.

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