Sucess at School

The main aim of the Success at School through Volunteering - SAS project is to expose youngsters affected by early school leaving and living in difficult areas to a pedagogical approach through a training course meant to valorize a voluntary involvement in identifying the relevant skills and competences acquired through volunteering. As a direct result of the training proposed to youngsters they will be able to express their voluntary experience in terms of learning outcomes and so prepare to return to school. This training course will be supported by pedagogical mentoring in order for professionals working with youngsters (teachers, youth workers) to identify and value the skills and competences that will be necessary for them to value the non formal and informal learning acquired though volunteering and find a way back to school.

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CE-Comissão Europeia
External Partners
CIES-IUL - Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology
The University of Northampton
Association Service Social Familial Migrants
New Bulgarian University
Ergo Institute
University of Bologna
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