ISA - Information Sharing Agreements - Building EU agreements for the posting of workers in the construction sector

The objective of this action is to reinforce transnational cooperation between authorities and stakeholders involved in the posting of workers in the construction sector, by promoting the establishment of information sharing agreements meant to monitor and ease the posting of workers.

This will build on practices already in place in the covered countries, to be mapped and described through the country-level partners and with the support of AEIP.

The preliminary screening identified two very promising practices. In Italy and France, sectoral funds, backed by the governments, negotiated and successfully concluded agreements simplifying procedures necessary to post workers abroad, while making sure employers posting workers abroad are in compliance with the payment of due wage elements (like the holiday pay), and easily allowing to check relevant information in the sending country if the need arises.

Labour inspectorates between Portugal and Spain have been running for more than 15 years activities joint activities of cooperation and information sharing on the basis of a common agreement, meant to ensure effective monitoring of cross-border activities, including in case of posting. The inspectorates set up a framework for a quick and efficient information sharing when the need arises, organise joint inspections and regularly update each other in case of amendments to the national labour and social security legislation.

In the other covered countries, institutions holding data potentially useful in the area of posting are involved, such as the Polish Social Security Institution (ZUS) and the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC).

The project will implement a meta-analysis of the selected agreements, by describing and presenting to stakeholders the process leading to the adoption, including the role of the government and of stakeholders and the legal, political and contextual conditions enabling the successful setup and implementation thereof.

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