Urban Ethnography and South Asian Migrations

The project aims to continue the activities developed in previous postdoctoral research projects. In precedent years, I have had a research work that begun in 2000 with South Asian transnational population from Gujarati origin and of Portuguese nationality, which focuses on issues related to migration, housing, transnational mobility and interurban mobility. A long-term ethnographic fieldwork was developed in the scope of PhD research (2004-2008) and postdoc researches (2009-2018). This long experience turned into a in depth perspective on qualitative methodologies concentrated on the collection of ethnographic materials of various kinds, an experience that has become into an interest centred on the history of Anthropology in general and of Urban Ethnography in particular, especially in the Portuguese context. 

This is a central area to ensure the safeguarding of primary materials and to enable future generations of social scientists and descendants of families with whom researchers have worked, to access more organized archives and ethically and epistemologically reflected materials. The research for this project is centred on the practitioners of urban ethnography, contributing to the history, and in their practices, contributing to the method.

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