Young Lawyers on the move: institutions, education and profession in a global context.

The working plan continues the research line developed in the Post-doc Grant dedicated to the study of the professional integration of young lawyers in large law firms in Portugal. The research line is articulated around the transformations in the law profession and, on the new roles offered in the transnational context, crisscrossing the judicial, economic and political spheres. The complexity of studying the professional integration of young lawyers in large law firms in a global context comprises different institutions like Law schools, professional associations and law firms in both national and international context, allowing to go further on the observation of social practices and dynamics.

The working plan is structured along three main goals in articulation with CIES-IUL’s strategic plan, mainly, the analysis of the transformations in the world of skilled work, on class and gender inequalities in access and permanence on the law profession and, on the roles performed by Law schools on teaching formal and informal competences.

Goal 1: Studying professional socialization in large law firms.

Goal 2: The role of the Portuguese Bar Association and the professional internship: transformations and continuities.

Goal 3: Undergraduate and graduate education in Law.

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