Trajectories, from addiction to reintegration - study of drug addicts's social trajectories after the therapeutic process

The research to carry out with intends to make a contribution to an understanding and explanation of the complex reality of the social reintegration of people addicted to psychoactive substances, after attendance at a treatment process in a therapeutic community. In articulating different theoretical viewpoints, it is hoped to identify trends and factors that lead to effective social reintegration, and rejection of the use of psychoactive substances. We intend to develop an analysis model that considers different analytical dimensions and accounts for the strength versus vulnerability factors that may influence these individuals' social reintegration trajectories. A central objective of the research is to capture social regularities and singularities that are present in the individuals' reintegration strategies and associated with social, family, and individual patterns and with skills acquired during the therapeutic process, or resulting from the appropriation of institutional measures.

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Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT)
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CIES-IUL - Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology
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