European Journalism Observatory

The European Journalism Observatory is an ongoing project designed to build bridges that links journalism cultures across Europe and the US, facilitating collaboration between media researchers and practitioners. Making media research results accessible to larger audiences by studying “best practices” in journalism and analyzing trends in the media industry is a major goal of the European Journalism Observatory (EJO ), which also seeks to contribute to improving the quality of journalism, better understanding of the media and freedom of the press.

EJO's work addresses the needs of journalists and media managers at the same time, serving as a resource for those interested in media developments to narrow the gap between academia and the media professional.

The European Observatory for Journalism was established in spring 2004 as a non-profit institute at the Italian Università della Svizzera, and Portugal has joined the project since 2014. EJO is a developing network with the collaboration of universities and institutes from 13 countries.

This project also works together on various smaller projects that emerge over time. As an example, projects were undertaken to analyze the news approach to migrant issues in Europe, or the approaches to Brexit or elections that elected Donald Trump in the USA.

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