Covid Check

The Covid Check project aims to help optimize official communication and clarify the main issues of the Portuguese about the pandemic, through the creation of a public knowledge network that will be available through a specific website. In this way it can contribute to the optimization of the effective results of communication protocols between health entities and their stakeholders, at internal level, and journalists and citizens, at external level.

The expected results are: the promotion of effective and clear messages among the population; contribute to the identification of disinformation that may be harmful to public health; and encourage society to search for reliable sources. To achieve this: entities must improve their communication based on research results; the media must create more focused messages; citizens must understand the practices and behaviours desired to resolve the pandemic. The project is part of the research on desinformation on course in the MediaLab_Iscte.

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Project Funding
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
External Partners
CIES-Iscte - Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology
Centro Protocolar de Formação Profissional para Jornalistas
Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicanálise
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