Experiment the Interdisciplinary Fabrication of Everyday Objects

“Experimenting with the Interdisciplinary Manufacturing of Everyday Objects” is an initiative coordinated by Alexandra Paio and Susana Nascimento at ISCTE-IUL Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, through the research and teaching units ofVitruviusFabLab-IUL, ADETTI-IUL and CIES-IUL, in partnership with the Colégio de Santa Doroteia.  Ciência Viva - National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture funded the project in the framework of the program “Choosing Science: From School to University”  which aims to bring secondary and higher education closer, with a view to sharing resources and to encourage the pursuit of studies in scientific and technological areas.


This project is based on Workshops for secondary school students, based on a combination of conceptual and practical knowledge from fields such as Architecture, Informatics, and Social Sciences, and a privileged focus on the fields of digital fabrication, physical computing and social and qualitative methodologies. Its main objective is to present the scientific and social potential of interdisciplinary intersections in the identification and resolution of concrete issues, and to stimulate new generations for open learning within the scope of new collaborative logics of experimentation and technological production.

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Project Funding
Ciência Viva - Agência Nacional para a Cultura Científica e Tecnológica
External Partners
ISTAR-IUL - Information Sciences, Technologies and Architecture Research Center
DINÂMIA'CET-IUL - Centre for Socioeconomic Change and Territorial Studies
CIES-IUL - Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology
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