Raising Capacity for Inclusive People engaged in private sponsorship

The project will explore ways to establish and enhance Private Sponsorship (PS) schemes in some Member States, in order to strengthen capacities at local level and improve refugee self-reliance.

Experienced organisations will provide technical and operational support for planning and carrying out a PS pilot scheme, inspired by the community-based model as experimented in Portugal and by other kinds of civil society engagement already existing in other EU countries. The pilot project will develop new practices for achieving more efficient PS and scaling-up existing PS scheme, leading to better integration of sponsored beneficiaries.

Thanks to study visits and desk research the project will gather and analyse information on good practices of community-based sponsorship in order to develop a green book on the implementation of such schemes addressed to families hosting refugees and organisations participating in the pilot phase.

Involving families will greatly improve the efficiency of the integration process as it opens existing social networks. The project will develop mentoring and peer-to-peer activities between families and refugees to provide social and educational support throughout the settlement process. The project will facilitate access to the job market for refugees relying on the expertise of a network of social enterprises which will design tailored vocational training.

To ensure the correct implementation of the project and establish the basis for future replicability, a monitoring system will be developed. Monitoring activities will gather crucial information needed to develop an evaluation system in order to assess the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of the project.

In the short and medium term, the beneficiaries will be both the persons in need of protection located in partners’ countries and the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). In the long term, the institutions and European CSOs will benefit from the project’ stress on the enhancement of good practices through dissemination activities.

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